Jennifer Staggs
Product + Visual Design

Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing

ROLE: ASSOC. CREATIVE DIRECTOR - Concepts, Visual Design, Art Direction
User Flow Assessment, Landing Page Redesign, Social Media + Banner System Update


"Make the customer experience more promotional."

Prior page flow and system lacked luster and consistency; the marketing language fell flat; it was limited to desktop; entertainment visuals weren't showcased. The production design team needed a tight templated system for banners and page updates in order to streamline workflow and work more efficiently.

I worked with a content strategist, an art director & designer, and a copywriter to restructure / optimize the landing page so that it felt more promotional and updated the overall aesthetic. The copy was edited to be more concise; value adds were incorporated to highlight content offerings; the CTA was made clearer and positioned above the fold. I led on design for the initial creative, and presented a number of options to update the overall aesthetic of the design system for the landing pages, ad banners, and social media tactics. The approved design system helped the design and production teams refresh similar pages more efficiently and there was a lift in conversions.


Additional Credit: Will Lee, Jessica Cigno, Greyden Opio, Heather Scott