Jennifer Staggs
Product + Visual Design

DVR Scheduler + Streaming App

DVR Scheduler + Streaming App


ROLE: UX/UI LEAD / ART DIRECTOR - Concepts, UX/UI, Visual Design
1st & 2nd Gen. DIRECTV Mobile Apps


Subscribers were eager to engage with a DIRECTV iPad App and an updated version of the iphone app. I collaborated with another Art Director on initial wireframes, led UI design, and oversaw specs/delivery for a suite of platforms offering DIRECTV's first mobile and tablet apps. With an updated look 'n feel and new features, customers were finally able to easily discover, browse, control, stream and schedule recordings for their DVRs— all through a branded user experience. 


Additional Credit: Jon Dean, Gerrit Velthoen, Vanessa D'Aleman, Catherine Beaver, Corinna Lietz, Nigel Teixeira.