Jennifer Staggs
Product + Visual Design

iTV Sports Campaign

Interactive TV Sports Campaign


ROLE: ASSOC. CREATIVE DIRECTOR - Concepts, Art & Copy Direction, Visual Design
TV Style Frames, Motion + VIZrt Supervision, Customer Communication Graphics & Slides

Play SPORTSMIX (VIZ) Motion Sample

SPORTSMIX® is an exclusive on-air DIRECTV channel that broadcasts live enhanced coverage of curated content. Viewers can watch up to 8 live games at once and access sports scores, rankings, and more. Throughout the year, 25-30 additional sports, events, and specialty mix channel packages were produced with this campaign.  Jen led creative concepts and oversaw team’s executions in design, animation, VIZrt, and production. She and her team partnered with x-functional teams - content strategy, sports marketing, engineering, production ops, broadcast center, traffic ops, interactive advertising, etc to deliver all assets.  Team credit: Jessica Cigno - Art Director; Nigel Teixeira - Broadcast Graphics / VIZ Manager; Corinna Lietz, Greden Opio - Designers; Abby Lane, Ken Bae - Production Designers. 

I led creative on campaign concepts, animation, VIZrt, and production design for interactive sports experiences with a team in LA & NY. These mosaic TV mix channels aired curated video content and offered viewers access to live enhanced scores & stats.

The "living image" campaign captures a static image of an athlete, slowly panning parallax to the background sports stage— freezing a powerful "moment in time" before moving on to another scene. 25 sports, events, and specialty mix channel packages were produced to dovetail annually on the original direction. 


My team and I partnered with cross-functional teams — Content Strategy, Sports Marketing, Engineering, Production / Traffic Ops, Interactive Advertising, etc to design, present, and deliver a premium iTV product package against rigid timelines. 


Additional Credit: Jessica Cigno, Nigel Teixeira, Corinna Lietz