Jennifer Staggs
Product + Visual Design

about her

I am Jennifer Staggs.
ACD. Art Director. Designer. UX'er. Type snob. Instructor. Collaborator. Foodie. Dog Lover. Jet Setter. Sun Worshipper.

Live from the stage/my workspace

In the beginning.
All aspects of art, design, and storytelling have resonated with me. From "Choose your Own Adventure" books to playing Atari games, the thrill began from the get-go. I moved and travelled the globe for many years— from TX to Saudi Arabia, and got acquainted with many faces and cultures. 

I learned the importance of collaboration, diversity, empathy, and approaching design with an open mind.

Then I turned 13.
Influenced by pop culture in the early MTV years, I studied and emulated lettering & album artwork and designed t-shirts for theatre/sports events while at school in the UK. I learned photography, printmaking, and life drawing. Summers were spent at Otis College of Art & Design in LA studying  communication design through which I decided my path. 

Art School? 
So I headed west for a BFA in Graphic Design at CalArts.

I learned critical thinking, problem-solving, process— all related to design, typography, style, and interactive media. Adobe was introduced to me and I fell head over heels. I taught myself basic HTML and how to build a website, then taught workshops to other students. A sponge for new media, I had added web design, light coding, flash, motion graphics, and interaction design to my tool belt before I graduated.

Professional chops, heck yeah! 
Over the last 20+ years I've gained tremendous experience in design, management, and creative leadership roles working at established branding, advertising, and digital agencies. I spent 11+ years in-house at DIRECTV / AT&T initially designing award-winning branded, cohesive UX/UI for mobile, web, and TV. Then I oversaw a team of 16 creatives (in LA and NY offices) in content marketing. I’ve executed beautiful visual design, marketing campaigns, production design, and award-winning interactive mobile/web/broadcast experiences. 

In my spare time, I've helped clients brand and build experiences for startup businesses. 

At the end of 2017 and start of 2018, I taught two User Experience Design Immersive courses at General Assembly in Santa Monica, lecturing, demo'ing, and coaching core skills that make up the entire user experience design process over a 10+ week intensive course. From research and ideation to design, writing, prototyping, testing, and presentation, students learn, practice, and complete an immersive full-time UXDI program.

Currently, I run a solo freelance design practice, building fresh mobile websites for Bravo and OXYGEN Networks. On the side, I sometimes pick up additional freelance work and teach UX Design Workshops at General Assembly.

What’s next?
Forward, onward, upward. Never stop! I embrace the impossible, especially new challenges and rad teams. With some fun peppered in too. Whether for familiar platforms or uncharted territory like experiential marketing, VR, 3D mapping projections, visual merchandising, future tech— the answer is YES. I’m into it.

See resume for detailed work experience and reach out to say hello.